Machine Learning for Quantum X aims to bring together students, researchers and industry professionals working at the interface of quantum science and machine learning. It will bridge physics, chemistry, applied mathematics, and computing, exploring how results and techniques from different fields can be used to solve problems of the others.

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Alexander Eisfeld (MPIPKS Dresden, DE)
Mario Krenn (University of Toronto, CA)
Jochen Küpper (DESY & Hamburg University, DE)
Anna Leonteva (University of Strasbourg, FR)
Alba Cervera Lierta (University of Toronto, CA)
Anatole von Lilienfeld (University of Vienna, AT)

Simone Montangero (Università di Padova, IT)
Michael Overdick (SICK GmbH, DE)
Peter Pinski (HQS Quantum Simulations GmbH, DE)
Edoardo Tignone (LEITHA’ SRL, IT)
Benoit Vermersch (University of Grenoble-Alpes, FR)

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